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Wellbeing and what does this mean to us all?  I put this question out to my personal and business audience and asked them what they valued in the sense of Wellbeing. Depending on the individual it was categorised often with having a peaceful state of being. This was further described into Mental health, Physical health, Emotional health and Spiritual health.

We all want peace of mind. How do we get it? I can honestly say Ive search the answers for this question many times in my life and often when met with some of my biggest challenges.

What I have learned is to self love, sounds a little fluffy doesn’t it? 🙂 Self love and Self Worth comes from paying attention to your own needs first.

I noticed through experience that if I didn’t pay attention to my needs, my mind suffered, my mental capacity to organise, to understand and progress personally and professionally suffered.

Ive experienced Mind illness and that place is not a good place, lots of things suffer when your mind is not nurtured, nourished and managed. I still work every day on my Mind Wellness it can not be sacrificed in pursuit of the demands of life; this I have learned. Ive always paid high attention to my physical state and learned as I’ve matured that my emotional wellbeing is as important.

From my experience this has lead me to gaining professional expertise, from becoming a Reiki Master, Yoga Practitioner and being a Mindfulness Coach complimenting all I knew about the physical needs of being healthy and life equipped, which are very important, without my physical health I’d of not fared as well emotionally as I have.

Finding fulfilment. Starting with your work. It occupies a big proportion of our lives so it must be fulfilling and must keep us inspired. I’ve been quoted in saying, ‘Get a passion not a Job’ I firmly believe this. Having supportive relationships, those relationships that don’t serve you emotionally with support and kindness, remove them from your life. It’s very difficult but a must in order to grow and be emotionally at peace.

Ive made it my life’s work to be the ultimate professional in health and wellbeing. Vip encompasses Mindfulness Coaching, Yoga Practice, Meditation, Reiki and Crystal Reiki, Nutrition Physical Fitness Systems maximising every aspect of personal and physical health. Im blessed and uniquely qualified to bring this to all my personal, online clients and members.

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