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VIPower is full of energetic motivational classes, no two classes are the same. We keep classes fully charged, innovative, bringing new motivation and focus every time you join us.

VIPower ONLINE spin classes…


Freedom to explore all moves on the bike to variable tempos, crazy beats with no limits. Freestyle your way through high energy vibes and watch the sweat roll!!


High intensity interval training commonly called HIIT. This type of approach to Vipower ensures maximum output and maximum gains for the rider, training involves repeated bouts of high intensity effort followed by varied recovery times. You will definitely sweat this one to the Max!!


Its all in the name.. this class provides all out fun for a 20 minute calorie burn. Variable resistance levels and moves on the bike, perfect for the time poor and opportunity go getters!!


Sprint where no time is lost to max out that power. Variable positions on the bike mid tension for a max effort of short and frequent timed sprints. This is a big effort at max speed over timed sets... Sprint literal means short timelines at full speed, you will be raining SWEAT!!


Tabata is a high-intensity interval training that consists of eight sets of fast-paced exercises each performed for 20 seconds interspersed with a brief rest of 10 seconds. This is none stop for 20 minutes, makes for a super charged workout…

Keep Climbing

Hill intensities are our bread and butter component to incredible tone and improved cardiovascular endurance . A session involves riding out with incrementally increased resistance levels to emulate the climb of any tough gradient. Vipers battle it out to hit that sweet spot… 40 minutes of grit and pure determination…


This class will put you in character, grooving your vibe according to the chosen theme, the ultimate in feel good and escape from daily stresses. Aimed at putting the spring back in your step…


We get to mix it up with resistance equipment, kettle bells, dumbbells and resistance bands for the ultimate in Upper body tone with interval Spin sections. Combining two different elements for the all over body experience…

Be part of the community

We have a global interactive community. They keep you going and champion your efforts to superb health and vitality.

🗣 What our community has said about us…

“The best way to work out from home and at your total convenience, this is the future of fitness.“

“Vipower is a convenient fun and simple concept, totally brilliant and loads of fun.“

“I love the LIVES, and option to catch up when life gets busy.”

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VIPOWER equipment

Do i need any special equipment?

You will need a Spin bike, a mobile phone or tablet and a phone/tablet device mount to carry your tablet/phone if you wish to attach your device to your bike.

What if i don’t have a Spin bike?

No problem! VIPower can provide a VIPER spin bike subscription as part of your VIPower plan. Email the VIPower Team and we can set you up with one.

What device attachment should I buy?

There are many different device mounts available – just make sure that your chosen device mount is sturdy and can be locked in position. Droopy devices are not helpful!

Do I need anything else?

Just the usual fitness weapons! A small hand towel for when things get intense, and a suitable size refreshment bottle filled with your favourite fitness tipple to keep your hydration levels tip top…that’s it!


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