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I’ve done many job roles throughout my carrier to date; its provided me with amazing opportunity and insight. Speaking with people and audiences has always played a big part of all the work I’ve ever done, the connection for me was to serve as a positive influence.

My appetite to understand people, offer guidance or an inspired path; became very natural. In time to come I was offered very senior roles all of which demanded a level of presence and the ability to address many. I often attended conferences, Group senior meetings and all on a different scale; this soon became more frequent. I’ve addressed audiences of ten and hundreds all of which was my duty to speak authentically about my work and personal journeys, how I handled certain situations. What strategies I implemented in order to maximise and be the most successful I could be at all the roles I’d performed. 

 I soon became a speaker and was regarded as motivating and inspirational. I have many online coaching sessions with very successful people, I have attended many seminars and promotional meetings where I’ve been asked to speak of my personal journey and how I became a positive force to so many. Im kindly regarded and said to be an inspiration. This of course is lovely and takes some getting used to; as I’ve only done what came naturally for all the life experiences I’ve had.

My corporate days paved a steer for me to pursue this more, once I became self employed. I had to be the person that could enter a room where there’s fog or a storm brewing and being able to clear it and bring peace calm reflectiveness and a sense of direction, followed by a plan to implement. This approach was seen as inspiring, positive and set realistic goals. A reason to breath life back into a job role someone may of been considering giving up on, or providing clarity on where people should be with their lives. We all have functions and roles to play. We are the many; who join the dots of life. We all have unique talents, we’re all here to do amazing things. When we perform to our truest self we are free, happier, abundant, energetic and most of all fulfilled. We must all deliver our highest self so we can improve our lives and the lives of others around us.

“You all should whistle your way into work, like the seven dwarfs in Snow White”

I had a fantastic Regional Director once, she could hold a room with her poise and her genuine passion to see everyone achieve. She left you feeling capable, proud of the job role you served. I remember much about her and she definitely was a positive influence on me. One thing particularly staying’ and I remember this; to this day’ she said, “You all should whistle your way into work, like the seven dwarfs in Snow White” Even Mr Grumpy whistled Heigh-Ho, into work; so she makes a very good point. Me, I like to say hop, skip and jump our way through life. Imagine,
If we waited?
If we didn’t make a plan?
If we didn’t improve ourselves?,
If we didn’t take a risk?
If we didn’t trust in our talents?
How can we call this living at our highest level? Yes its scary, often I’ll hop my way through situations to find I can skip through because I took that hop (leap) of faith and just when I think I’m there I take the JUMP. Every jump I’ve ever made has taught me so much, has opened new opportunities, has made me wiser and has set me up to influence and score again. Yes I’ve been scared, however I’m more scared of never trying of standing still. A popular quote and not mine sadly, but one all of us can relate to is, “Fear the Fear and do it anyway” (Susan Jeffers)” taken me a while to arrive here also 🙂 My role now is to accelerate and provide tools to help you let go and be your highest achieving self.

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