Group training

intensity training

Meet your personal highs and deliver strong with group support as you push through your perceived limits to succeed and win

meet like-minded people

Exercising in a group provides you with constant support amazing camaraderie to boost self esteem and confidence for the ultimate fitness experience

hit your fitness goals

With the community we build and support you will always win on your fitness journey 🏆#VipYourLife

I get asked loads of times are you just a personal trainer. ☺  Personal training is synonymous with one to one training and coaching. My primary aim with any individual is to achieve a greater healthy aspect of one’s self.  My work however has always extended to group training whether large or small.



Group training has many benefits to every individual taking part. The experienced trainer will soon identify the differences between all who take part, ensuring all maximise their potential and efforts. Group training can be extremely fun, play a positive part in self-esteem encouragement and friendly competition. Group training can be very varied. It can take on lots of aspects from strength training to High-intensity interval training, military boot camp and much loved circuits for maximum fun.

Group Training can be booked for private sessions, corporate events and special events such as a Stag and hen weekends.

Group Training will also be available from VIP-PT when scheduled to timetables and seasonal offers. All of which is booked through availability or appointment only.

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