Bootcamp for all, whether beginner or looking to further accelerate your health and fitness, we are fully loaded to motivate and encourage all abilities. 

You will be amongst like minded individuals who share the same passion and enthusiasm to build strength, stamina and above all a community built on encouragement and camaraderie.

The combination of our team and members will delivery longevity in your health fitness and overall wellbeing, propelling you to a better state of being.

Vip Bootcamp will:-

  • Improve Cardiovascular and Physical Strength
  • Promoting natural Weight loss and overall body tone
  • Improving your coordination and balance
  • New Friendships and a Community that’ll support your personal health and wellbeing journey

intensity training

Bootcamp will meet all needs. VIP Bootcamp meets every individual at their level. We have band graded system; ensures the right level for you. Beginner, Intermediate and Advance, all designed to improve you.

hit your fitness goals

VIP aim is to always ensure you arrive at your fitness goals and we do this with carefully designed Fitness systems. The systems are to accelerate your progress. The graded system will meet your needs now and in the near future as you progress dynamically to your goals. The camaraderie and network support will keep you motivated and always delivering the best you

meet like-minded people

VIP Bootcamp is proud of its community feel and the support it offers each member. The Motivation is available on and off the camp 24/7 with direct contact with fellow Bootcamp members via live chat forum and all Instructors. We are here to ensure you succeed and have the most fun in doing so.

Why our members love Bootcamp...

I ❤️ Bootcamp because it  brings out The Warrior in me it gives me a physical and mental boost  it's mood enhancing It's just good fun and you can push yourself it helps me deal with the reality of life It helps me release stress It give me a better night sleep It's so supportive It's helped me achieve my fitness goals


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