Happy New Year from VIP ?

So what’s the plan? Do you even have one?

Fear not; The Team at Vip has a plan to help you make January your best start to a new year yet. 

We have a precise strategy to hit the key 21 days in January. Focus is January only, not February or the summer holiday you’ve booked already.  

Why 21 days in January, when we know we have 31? Ive seen many people put themselves under so much pressure on day one of January and this has led to failure and a miserable January with a sense of hopelessness attached. 

We are going to navigate smart and journey together.  21 days working from goal timeline in reverse, puts us at 11th January 2020; by the time 11th January arrives we’ve steered an intelligent warm up to our first personal victory and a successful month ahead. 

21 days to new habits is not a new concept however it really has its merits to instilling a more beneficial self serving strategy, rather than a conscious action. In the beginning it will be a conscious action because we want to erase old habits to welcome the new and with greater intelligent steer. Why? Because we already know what past actions has delivered and we are wanting a change that ensures safe arrival at our goal while learning along the way a little more about ourselves. 

This is key! As we navigate with eyes wide open we must not ignore or not be conscious of our decisions especially in the first 21 days of changing what we need to change in order to claim our desired goal. 

21 day theory and where did it come from?

The “21 days to form a habit idea” has come from a 1960 self-help book by cosmetic surgeon Dr. Maxwell Maltz, called “Psycho Cybernetics, A New Way to Get More Living Out of Life,” 

Many view points on this strategy; however its important to note that clearly if we don’t set ourselves a workable plan and something to aim at then it will inevitably be as hap hazard as your current approach that’s not working for you. We need guidance and this has been backed many times in achieving good habit connections to enable success with goals we set ourselves. 

Think of it as a road map to goal number one being achieved. (Something to ponder so I can cement the point I’m trying to make, if I asked you to travel from London to Edinburgh and all road signs had been removed and satellite navigation systems didn’t exist ??‍♀️ how successful would you be in arriving at your destination)? So we’re on the same page and having a strategy at least sets us up for the first steps in the right direction.  

What happens from January 1st until the 10th? This is our intelligent Warm Up to set ourselves up for success and steely like focus because this time we become a new version of ourselves and we have the plan, tools and strategy to embed the new DNA. 

The definition of DNA is self replication of material, carrier of intelligent information or in the truest sense genetics. 

We control some of our genetic make up with the environments we occupy and the responsibility we have to what we consume and how our physical self interprets those two factors. 

What am I saying? 

I am saying, what we eat and our environments do determine how we look, how we perform and how we replicate our physical existence internally and externally. 

This means by changing our environments and how we operate in these environments, what we consume is directly linked to our DNA. Set your own DNA (Deliver Nurture & Achieve) 

(Do Now Act) I’ve taken the liberty here to genetically modify the true meaning to show you nothing is set in stone and we all have choices but you need to deconstruct old DNA so (Don’t Negotiate & Attain) the new you. See it and be your own creation based on the determination and daily work you will do to genetically modify yourself and construct and build a new you with the knowledge you now possess. 

Ok, back to the first ten days of January and our warm up to setting ourselves up for a complete re-structor of our former selves. 

Day 1 – Don’t panic, don’t even get on the scales, its pointless and it will do only one thing, make you feel like crap! And fill you with remorse. 

What do we already know about January 1st and our physical being? We weigh heavier and feel a little worse for ware of our indulgences. Sluggish, clothing more snug and generally a feeling of ‘?’ all too familiar. 

Day 2-5 No more alcohol and drink 2/3 litres of plain water each day, this will do wonders to rehydrate you and clean out the bodies internal systems to operate and function more efficiently. Energy levels will be restored and you’ll be feeling better and more alert. Days 2-5 you’ll need to ensure all Christmas grocery stock is all but depleted so the next shopping trip will be to feed the fridge with all foods that feature in the low to medium Glycemic Index Scale.  I’ve added a table of foods here to help steer your choices to achieve a healthier balance and subsequently alter and begin to change your DNA so DO NOW & ACT.

Day 6-10 No more PROCESSED FOODS if it’s beige and can be eaten straight from a packet with a used by date 10 years from now it’ll be processed ? I exaggerate a little! You see my point. No biscuits, no chocolate or sweeties, no fancy crisps and begin to introduce 3 solid well balanced meals each day from the low/medium GI food lists. Google recipes when you run out of ideas. Secret to success here is keep it interesting and be inspired by recipes available on our world wide web. 

You can’t possibly get bored; there are hundreds of recipe ideas however you will need to be organised, otherwise you’ll fall foul of boring attempts which will lead to a loose commitment to the original goal. 

Remember this is the warm up to the 21 day habit reset for a lifetime of new DNA reprogramming to achieve the goal of a healthier fitter you. 

Get the first 21 days done and the road ahead gains momentum and you can manipulate the environments and the consumables to manufacture that DNA as you see fit (fit being the operative word) Don’t Negotiate on your health and Attain a new level for yourself.   

Day 11 We are hitting the ground running and we are firm on our 21 day commitment to ourselves. 

Lets Go!

Daily Strategies are: 

  • 2/3 litres of plain water
  • 3 balanced meals each day chosen from a low to medium GI scale no snacking in between remember we are setting our new DNA. 
  • Green and herbal teas, coffee yes but limit dairy in take best route here is as it comes and abstain for the first 21 days at least 
  • Eat purple and dark green as much as possible. See our blog on why eat purple for greater knowledge on foods available to you and foods that’ll turbo charge your physical and emotional wellbeing. 
  • Limit grains and complex carbohydrates to less than 15% of your overall meal. They can feature in your meal choices but need to be measured and high in fibre. 
  • Quick nutrition on the go when life is conspiring to set you up for a fall? Protein Shake for a quick nutritional hit and to keep you way from poor choices of food on the go that often are highly processed. 


Is A Must (Do Not Avoid) 

Physical activity or exercise will improve your health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Physical activity and exercise can have immediate and long-term health benefits. 

Most importantly, regular activity can improve your quality of life, your wellbeing and ability to handle every day life which can be very challenging at times. We all need an outlet. You need to get your head around this and introduce exercise………! Start off Walking, find a route you are familiar with and know already how much time that route will take on a brisk walk. Increase the amount of times you walk and the speed in which you go at it. Gain confidence first and get mobile it’s none negotiable, as a human we are made to move! We don’t move we literally seize and bit by bit stop working efficiently gain unwanted weight and suffer other perils if we continue this pattern. 

Top 10 Benefits of Regular Exercise

  • It Can Make You Feel Happier. …
  • It Can Help With Weight Loss. …
  • It Is Good for Your Muscles and Bones. …
  • It Can Increase Your Energy Levels. …
  • It Can Reduce Your Risk of Chronic Disease. …
  • It Can Help Skin Health. …
  • It Can Help Your Brain Health and Memory. …
  • It Can Help With Relaxation and Sleep Quality.
  • It Can Help with Sleep & Relaxation 
  • It Can Reduce Muscular and Skeletal Pain 
  • It Can Enhance your Sex Drive 

Need More Convincing ??

Tools to help you 

Find a great health and fitness group or company that can offer constant support and really motivate you and help you stick to your new DNA journey. Vip has a fantastic support in its community and it makes all the difference to how successful and motivated you’ll be. 

A like minded group and community will certainly keep you focused and help you push passed any hurdles you may encounter, uplift your mood and continually support your wellbeing.   

Surround yourself with the right people and win! Checkout our Vip Community. If you live locally to our hubs then join our frontline teams for maximum support, alternatively we have expanded our On-line services so we can reach as many people as possible. 

Online fitness guides with direct guidance from me along with live fitness sessions via our live platforms. Find what your best fit is and we welcome contact here so we can direct you whether with us and joining Vip, or offering the benefit of the Brands we love and companies that care. 

Link here so be in touch

Recap on the strategies and set yourself up for personal wins. 

Days 1-10 are preparation days to use to get you warmed up and ready to reset your new habits and DNA.

Day 11 is hitting the ground running having had the first 10 days to strategise with the help above to navigate and implement the new preferred you; assist and improve your current state of health and fitness. 

*Each day is a day to add another tool to help you on your journey. 

*Do not do all changes at once. It’s too overwhelming and remember this is long term change not short term, so relax. 

Make the ideal list using the tips/guidance above of changes you can implement and set in order of priority, move each of these into your daily/weekly routine. 

Every day you’ll be making positive changes, be patient and loyal;  you’ll soon have your personal wins and a healthier more sustainable lifestyle with the tools to swerve back on track should you stray off course. 

Spend time on you plan, get fitness community support and professional guidance, nothing is more important than your health fitness and wellbeing. Best of luck ? 

Clare ?

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