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Welcome to VipFitness online. Vip is dedicated to equipping you with the precision tools to master ultimate Fitness through body, mind and soul.

Our emotional and physical wellbeing is at the root of all we are able to achieve and ultimately embark on higher personal goals professionally and personally.


When we search for ultimate health, happiness and wellbeing we want to be guided and have some ensured trust of where we will find this. Vip Fitness has all the support you require. We are dedicated to you and are in continued pursuit to help build and sustain a healthy Very Important You.


VIPower is full of energetic motivational classes, no two classes are the same. We keep classes fully charged, innovative, bringing new motivation and focus every time you join us.


Personal Training

Personal Training by its definition is You and Me working together. I will be supporting every aspect of your goals to a fitter, better you. 

Group training

Group training can be extremely fun, play a positive part in self-esteem encouragement and friendly competition.


Bootcamp for all, whether beginner or looking to further accelerate your health and fitness, we are fully loaded to motivate and encourage all abilities.

VIP Spiritual healing & self improvement

Keeping true to traditional yoga disciplines, Yinash Yoga encompasses positive aspects of both Yin and Ashtanga styles. In harmony through carefully constructed sequences, creating the unique form that is Yinash Yoga. All classes are choreographed by VIP Owner and internationally accredited yoga instructor, Clare David.


Wellbeing coach

Wellbeing and what does this mean to us all? I put this question out to my personal and business audience and asked them what they valued in the sense of Wellbeing.

reiki master

Reiki is an ancient Japanese practice; Meaning ‘Laying on of hands’ Reiki is the highest consciousness of physical and emotional spiritual health and rooted with self awareness of our current state of being and the wellbeing of others.

inspirational speaker

Speaking with people and audiences has always played a big part of all the work I’ve ever done, the connection for me was to serve as a positive influence.

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VIP fitness….in your pocket. Tone up, gain confidence, improve your health and wellbeing with a complete fitness system for full body conditioning and strength.