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Hi! I’m Clare David. I’m passionate about fitness and health. I enjoy taking my clients through their fitness journey to maximise health that’s there for the taking if you know how, and have the right support.


Fitness is a lifelong dedication. I’ve spent thousands of hours training my body to look the way it does now but more importantly how it performs as an athlete in my own right. Fitness is an integral part of my life and my work.

So who am I?

I’m first and foremost a proud mom of two sons. They are my drive and fuel my ambition to always push the perceived limits. Without doubt and with each year I dedicate myself to achieving a greater physical standard. This has taught me a huge amount and this I pass on to my clients.

My passion is my private work with clients who entrust me to reach their physical and emotional goals

What do I do?

My passion is my private work with clients who entrust in me to reach their physical and also emotional goals too. The relationship with my clients is very important to me, I’m in a position of trust and the ability to influence their physicality, as well as their mind-set.

I’m an International Personal Trainer of the highest calibre, Leading World Fitness Systems Expert, International, World Fitness Model,  Fitness Bodybuilding International Competitor and Sponsored Athlete. 

Professional History

My professional history is wide and varied adding to a mass of experience in many ways that has benefited the work I now do. I was in the Private Wealth Sector of banking at a high level of management for over 13 years. This was a very successful period of my career attaining acknowledgment from my close peers and seniors which lead to professional acclaim and status within the business. I had personal drive and success at this role, my personal ambition for being fit and healthy and maintaining a very athletic state was equally important to me even in these years.

I continue to challenge myself as a professional in corporate world and deliver my commitment to my fitness at the highest level, never allowing circumstances, lack of time or life’s curve balls to stop me achieving my personal goals in fitness. I went on to challenge myself in a world record attempt at forearm plank and achieved the record with the huge support of an incredible record holder himself, George Hood. I then competed on international fitness stages and gained many top world regional placings amongst many of my athlete peers.

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