Alchemy, at its root, is the transformation of the self.

I read this on someone’s Instagram post and it got me thinking about ‘transformation’ and how it can have so many different meanings……………I dream constantly of change; changing myself physically, body wise; I mean I have even considered having the fat sucked out my ass; because well, I just don’t like how it looks.  I dream of changing my car, my job, my home; the list goes on and that is only the external stuff; have I even got time to think about my internal growth; my spiritual development; oh my god; I scream to myself it is just to much; how can I possibly balance the constant external change of life and ensure my internal spirit, MY soul is nourished, treasured and truly loved by me; with all of these competing external needs I have for transformation.  

As I type this my head starts to swim; and my heart starts to pound; ‘bloody hell Julie this is a tall order to balance’ I think to myself.  Maybe today I will just focus on my spiritual nourishment; what is it that I need today?  What is truly going to nourish my soul; and make me feel that inner peace, love, happiness and that deep satisfaction my soul desires?  And this is where I had to stop; before I flurried into the abyss of self-loathing and despondency; I had to take a moment and reconnect with myself, and just breathe; those deep nourishing breaths; that ground you and bring you a feeling of peace.  This is the start of my soul nourishment.

I am feeling calmer; as I ponder the word Alchemy.  It is defined as the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary; sometimes in a way that cannot be explained; it is pure magic, an example may be a person who takes a pile of scrap metal and builds it into a beautiful piece of art.  Or spiritually it is defined as the secret science of illumination and inner liberation; and freeing your spiritual self, from fear, from self-loathing, personal beliefs that no longer serve you or are debilitating to your health and soul growth.  It is learning to get ourselves ‘out of our own way’; stop being our own enemy and allowing our fullest potential to shine.  The penny drops; this is where transformation lies. 

SO HOW; how do I, you transform? We learn to reconnect with our inner self, we learn to listen to our heart; what feels right for me today?  And then we listen and we honour our heart; and that may be with external exploration; for example I have been looking for an eating plan that will kick start my metabolism back up; I have researched and explored hundreds of methods and none have felt right, then I happened to come across one that ‘just simply made sense’ to me.  So now I embark on my journey of exploring my inner self; as I hope to externally transform my body.  You see; my mind and soul had to be ready to make the changes my body needs.  It all sounds complicated I know, but we are complex human beings managing to live a life and trying to fulfil our desires; whether that is physically through exercising, the way we dress, or wear our hair.  I have learnt that everything is interconnected, our soul, body and mind; it is all connected to our inner self, our inner child; and we are ever evolving, we are always dreaming of wanting change in one form or another.  

How is this connected to our inner self; our soul; can we change externally without it changing our inner self?  Where does the driving force come from and how can we nourish our inner self to truly connect with our soul, to realise alchemy and transform?  These are thoughts I often ponder; I mean really where does it all begin and end; does it end once we have achieved something or does that driving force deepen where we our desire increases and we progress to wanting to achieve something more; firstly internally, because my mind had to be ready and my soul had to want the change I have desired for so long, otherwise I would fail at the first hurdle; and secondly will come the external change; the physical change which I will embrace and look forward to; and it is this anticipation of seeing change and transformation that is also motivating my internal self to commit.  

And as I start this new journey of transformation; I know in my heart that really it all comes down to me loving me; and you love you; this is what will provide us with the deepest soul nourishment; that will allow us to reach our external goals, because as we grow; and honour ourselves; we attract our desires, they flow easier to us, whether that is being more committed to becoming physically healthier, by exercising and eating healthy (currently me).  So; our soul nourishment is where we begin; allowing true transformation of self to shine.

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