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Welcome to VIP Fitness; it’s with a big heart I’m honoured to bring to you every aspect of health and wellbeing. VIP Fitness has grown into many areas encompassing best practices to support all areas of health. We are all made different and all have different needs and desires that are wanting to be fulfilled physically and emotionally. VIP is uniquely positioned through experience and best practice to guide you through every stage of your health; through a healthy mind, a healthy body, adding balance to your overall wellbeing. VIP is your guiding hand to deliver a best you; to the highest possible self.

VIP provides the precision tools you’ll need to embellish every aspect of your life. We care about you and want you to VIP your life with the services we offer.

VIP is committed to guiding you through life and equipping you with the tools needed to a sustainable healthy you. I’ve made it my life’s work as I’ve embarked on my own journey to invest and engage through personal experience many tangible areas of health and wellbeing, seeking the benefits of physical fitness, looking after your emotional health and taking time to nourish your wellbeing in every way. 

VIP is focused in it’s delivery to all it’s clients, members and online visitors. I’ve ensured that all areas of health and wellbeing are represented here and I continue to commit and bring to you the benefit of my knowledge and serve you all with my passion and dedication always.


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